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Hammering out the script is grueling but fun - Sam Mendes on Bond 24

11-Jul-2014 • Spectre (2015)

Bond 24 director Sam Mendes spoke to Prince Edward at a Films Without Borders event at Windsor Castle earlier this week and spoke about how the spirit of the London Olympics influenced the pro-British enthusiasm in the last James Bond film, 'Skyfall'.

Mendes is rightfully proud of 'Skyfall', which he likens to capturing lightning in a bottle, and was proud of changing things up and knew he had a desire to follow up it up. "We had taken Bond where people aged and were getting old and dying. It had come out of this bubble of timelessness I felt. I thought I would need to say what happened next, in the next year or two."

Mendes confirmed he knew he would do the next film as soon as Daniel Craig also confirmed.

"I spent a long time doing movies that defied easy categorisation, but with Bond, it was very clear what was demanded. With Bond you have to know everything Bond has done before. You can't repeat it. You're not going to reinvent the wheel."

On the status of Bond 24, Mendes said following up 'Skyfall' "is a big challenge for me… I am just hammering it [the script] out now. It’s grueling but it’s fun."

What about the future after Bond 24? Screendaily reported that, asked about working across varied genres, "after the next one, I’m not going to do any more spy movies," Mendes said, with a smile that might have indicated that wasn't a hard and fast rule.

Thanks to `Pierce2Daniel ` for the alert.

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