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Timothy Dalton admits he's not tempted to talk Bond with 007 scribe John Logan

25-Jul-2014 • Actor News

John Logan and Timothy Dalton have been working together - along with Bond girl Eva Green - on the HBO horror/drama "Penny Dreadful".

The Wrap has been talking to Dalton about the series, and they were not the only ones to notice the plethora of Bond alumni that work on the show.

Asked about how much they exchange stories about Bond, Dalton replies: "I would say virtually none. We've got friends in common, but no. I know it's kind of disappointing if you're a fan, but it's a job I did… 25 years ago. You don't concentrate on the mythology. You just do your job."

Nonethless, he's absolutely brimming with complements for "Skyfall" and Bond 24 scribe, John Logan: "I love writing. I love words. I love good drama. When you start reading a story that grips you and involves you and makes you ask lots of questions, that makes you turn the page in excitement about what is gonna to happen next, you know you're reading something good."

Dalton admits that one moment that freaked him out as a child was watching the spider crawl over Connery's sleeping body in Dr. No. "I don't know if you remember [the first Bond film] “Dr. No”? I saw “Dr. No” when I was a kid. And I remember – holy shit! Hanging onto the edge of my seat when that fucking spider walked up his chest. The tarantula. Now had I been told that there was a sheet of glass between his body and the spider, it would have kind of spoiled the moment, wouldn't it." He further confides that he explicitly asked the Bond family how this was done.

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