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Sir Roger Moore talks of his fascination with fashion

16-Oct-2014 • Actor News

The seven time 007 actor admitted in a new interview to being "such a ponce" when it came to fine clothing and footwear.

Speaking to the Standard, Moore recalled his time in the army just after the War: "For ten bob the sergeants would press your uniform. I’d turn my trousers inside out, put soap down where the creases should be and turn them over and the crease would stay put. I couldn’t stand the flannel shirts, so I was relieved when I was commissioned and got to wear a soft silk shirt."

It was at that time he met the actress Kay Kendall who gave him a quirky nickname based on his outfit. "She nicknamed me The Duchess. Everything shone; my buttons and shoes were shining."

His enthusiasm for clothing, Moore remarked, was not shared by many stars of his generation. "Conversation was more along the lines of 'Let's have another drink!' Frank [Sinatra] looked good in anything; his style was always very expensive-looking.

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