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Details emerge of Lake Altaussee's role in 'SPECTRE'

06-Dec-2014 • Spectre (2015)

Although the first unit's arrival in Austria is not expected until January, the locals at Lake Altaussee are expecting preparations to start next week.

Filming with Craig will take place on 6th and 7th of January, weather permitting, and the sequence is said to involve 007 rowing across the lake. This corroborates with the earlier reports that the production were timing their visit for dates on which the lake would not be frozen. The log cabin that sits on the shores of the lake was also said to be of interest to the original location scouts.

It is also rumoured that Bond will have to pass some kind of test. Waltz's character, expected by many to be the son of Bond's late ski instructor Hans Oberhauser (or somebody more sinister), may be the one to set the 'test' of Bond's agility.

The location is expected to be shielded and locked down to avoid onlookers and potential spoilers. Locals are not expecting any action sequences to take place at Altaussee.

Thanks to `Samuel` for the alert.

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