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Leaks from Sony Pictures hack may include major SPECTRE spoilers

10-Dec-2014 • Spectre (2015)

The after-shocks of the unprecedented hack of Sony Pictures, which first downed the studios systems over the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, keep rumbling on.

The group that attacked the studio first leaked lots of marketing materials and internal meeting presentations, which whilst highly embarrassing (especially to Adam Sandler and Angelina Jolie), didn't do that much damage compared to the later leak of unreleased films. It is reported that 100TB of data was taken by the hacking group, with only a fraction of it released so far.

Now the leaks look to be spreading to the Bond-sphere after Sony executives, including Amy Pascal who has a hands-on role with the Bond franchise, have seen their large email boxes dumped on the internet for anyone to peruse.

The first exposé by blogosphere was the ruckus between Sony, Disney and Marvel about bringing the flagging Spider-Man franchise in the to Avengers universe.

Today the focus is on what appear to be serious leaks of early SPECTRE (Bond 24) script drafts.

Bond fans are advised that although these are unconfirmed, given the breadth and depth of the sensitive information Sony has seen exposed lately, the spoiler information could be genuine. Early commentary suggests that some of the script notes by Sony in emails are based on an early draft by John Logan, before Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were brought in to re-write, and many of the sub-plots have since changed.

There have been no reports of entire scripts being leaked, yet.

Given Sam Mendes and EON's hard work at keeping a lot of the SPECTRE reveal secret up until the last minute, disappointment must be high that their distribution partner could have let the proverbial white cat out of the bag.

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