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Aston Martin's design director comments on the DB10

17-Dec-2014 • Bond Style

Marek Reichman, design director for Aston Martin, commented recently to the BBC's motoring website Top Gear.

He explained the origins of the new and bespoke DB10, and the collaboration between the filmmakers and automotive designers.

"Sam Mendes wanted this to be the poster car for every boy who watches James Bond for the first time," said Reichman.

"The DB5 is pure, it's simple, it has a grille to die for. It's a scalpel not a kitchen knife. That's what Sam wanted, for this to be Bond's simple, pure Aston Martin, just like the original DB5 was."

He gives a rather cryptic clue to any gadgets that the DB0 might be carrying: "We want to focus on what James Bond's hands are doing."

The car, it was confirmed, would not be put into production at all and was designed and manufactured exclusively for the 24th James Bond adventure, SPECTRE.

Read the complete interview at topgear.com.

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