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Play as the villains against James Bond in the next 007 EA game `GoldenEye: Dr. No vs. Goldfinger`

22-Feb-2004 • Gaming

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has an interesting teaser of what to look out for next month.

The publication claims to have an exclusive cover story with details on the next 007 game from Electronic Arts.

"It`s a world-exclusive cover story on the game with three names: GoldenEye: Dr. No vs. Goldfinger - sequel of sorts to the best James Bond adventure ever, GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64).

For the first time, you won`t be stepping in the shoes of the British superspy. Instead, play the villain and take on 007 in this FPS that shakes up the Bond-universe timeline and continuity like a perfect martini...made in the Twilight Zone. (Where else would you see classic Bond fiends like Dr. No, Goldfinger, and even Oddjob going after each other?)"

According to the magazine, the story has just been bumped off the cover of the next issue for an even bigger news piece, but expect all the details to be inside.

This news comes a week after MI6 revealed that the next 007 game from EA would be based on elements from the movie GoldenEye.

Stay tuned to MI6 for full coverage.

Thanks to Double0Kevin for the alert.

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