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Tom Ford continues partnership with 007

02-Jan-2015 • Bond Style

The American tailor, Tom Ford, is expected to continue suiting 007 star Daniel Craig for his fourth Bond adventure, and his third in Ford's suits.

Brioni previously provided the suits for Bond in "Casino Royale" and all the Pierce Brosnan films before it. The Italian suitmakers did not have the same product placement deal. When it was announced Ford was taking over the duties, all but the keenest followers of the franchise had no idea about which suit-maker previously had hands on 007's prised and iconic dinner jackets, despite the 11-year long paternship.

"James Bond epitomises the Tom Ford main in his elegance, style and love of luxury. I am thrilled to move forward with this iconic character."

Craig and Ford have a positive working relationship, and the 007 star spent time working with the tailor to cut the "Skyfall" suits.

Although it is no surprise that the partnership continues, British tabloids are expressing mock outrage that 007 did not return to his roots. Traditionalists, the papers remarked, might be happier to see Bond back in Anthony Sinclair, the tailor who cut the suits for Sean Connery's tenure as 007.

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