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Christoph Waltz talks more of his involvement in 'SPECTRE'

04-Jan-2015 • Spectre (2015)

Waltz has given perhaps his most forthright statement on his role in the forthcoming 24th 007 adventure, SPECTRE, to the Austrian news outlet Krone.at.

Waltz herein admits to being part of the organisation, "one of the structure," but that it needs no head. He does little to deny that he's an agent of SPECTRE.

He objects to the label villain for its single-dimensional connotations, but admits that historically 007 has faced down many of these villains. Whether that label is appropriate for Oberhauser, Waltz says we'll have to wait and see.

The actor also confirmed that he has no part in the scenes about to get under way on location in Austria, with shooting in Altaussee starting on the 5th of January and the crew moving to Obertilliach on the 8th of January. He will however be on location with his colleagues as a visitor.

On the issue of hackers and leaked properties, Waltz calls those involved "pathetic" and notes that what he understands to have leaked was not the final draft and many things have changed since.

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