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MGM and Universal quietly drop James Bond copyright case

20-Jan-2015 • Bond News

Some months ago, MGM and EON dropped a lawsuit on Universal claiming their upcoming project 'Section 6' was a James Bond knock-off and it was infringing their intellectual property.

Responses flew back and forth, and back in September, the judge dismissed Universal's appeal to have the suit thrown out stating MGM's complaint was"sufficient to give rise to a claim for copyright infringement." Could it be heading to trial?


MGM dropped its lawsuit against Universal. Attorneys for the studios filed a stipulation for dismissal in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Wednesday. But the dismissal is without prejudice - meaning that similar claims could be filed again.

Details of the settlement were not disclosed, but the attorneys issued a statement that read, "The parties have resolved the matter to their satisfaction."

The 'Section 6' project is moving forward, but there has been speculation that the settlement includes a detailed road map of what can and cannot be used in the movie, so as to not infringe on the Bond franchise.

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