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Council intent on cleaning up Rome before SPECTRE shoot

09-Feb-2015 • Spectre (2015)

Campaigners in Rome, one of 007's destinations in SPECTRE, are asking provocatively if the authorities will be making a special effort to clean the rubbish and grime from the city in advance of James Bond's arrival.

According to The Independent, "Dumped refuse, graffiti-covered walls, stair and benches and broken barriers alongside the River Tiber," are some of the sights that will await Sam Mendes and his crew if nothing is done about them.

The latest from the country is that 007 is expected on location in Italy for a five week window between mid-February and mid-March 2015.

About the cleanup that will have to take place in the next couple of weeks, Lucia Ritrovato a city spokesperson said: “It has to be done and we’ll absolutely do it in time, working with the film production people, the council and the government".

Thanks to `Jesper` for the alert.

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