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Rome's bad roads hobble 007's speed during car filming

23-Feb-2015 • Spectre (2015)

James Bond is rarely defeated, but production on SPECTRE had to admit they were beaten by Rome's famous cobblestones and potholes which put the brakes on 007's high speed driving.

Speeds were reportedly cut to 70km/h to cope with the treacherous road conditions, exacerbated by years of repair neglect by the cash strapped city.

The sound of the noisy roads will of course be replaced in post-production.

The problem was avoided in some spots, such as the smooth banks of the Tiber River.

But the problem was avoided in some scenes, with sports cars being driven down the smooth bank of the Tiber River as speed boats raced alongside filming.

SPECTRE will return to the riverside on Monday return when Daniel Craig is due to parachute onto a pedestrian bridge.

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