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Andrew Scott talks about his SPECTRE experience

10-Mar-2015 • Spectre (2015)

The Dublin-born actor who is playing the part of Denbigh in Sam Mendes' SPECTRE, spoke to British television host Lorraine last week about his current focus on 007 and his experience on set so far.

You're working right now on the Bond movie, and I know you can't say anything, but that's really going to change your life?

"Who knows, really. I've been working for a long time in the industry but there's no doubt that that carries with it a certain amount of pressure. For the first couple of days I was like... [hums the Bond theme]. I could hear the theme tune in the background and I was thinking, "Don't mess this up Scott." It's great. I've worked with the director before, Sam Mendes, in the theatre, and I've got some pals: Ben Whishaw is a pal and Daniel Craig is a delightful person. There's a lovely atmosphere on set."

Although little is known about Denbigh's role in the latest mission, some speculation and rumours have suggested that he will not be an aid to Bond on this latest mission. When the TV host noted that Scott played a "baddie so well", the actor responded:

"I always think you've got to plumb the depths of your own soul for things like that. We've all got a bit of a dark side. I think people who don't have a dark side are a little bit... suspicious [laughs]."

Scott first became associated with the Bond film mere hours before Sam Mendes was due to reveal his cast at a press event held at Pinewood studios.

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