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Aerial photographer posts behind the scenes photos of SPCTRE shoot in Rome

14-Mar-2015 • Spectre (2015)

The 007 second unit is winding up the shoot of a high octane chase through the night-lights of the Italian capital, already well-documented by passers by and keen locals.

But one Aerial photographer Fred North recently posted some behind the scenes photos to Instagram of his time on the Bond picture.

North revealed that they were using the highly prized Shotover K1 6-axis gyro stabilized ultra-HD camera to capture the action

A photo posted by Fred North (@fred_north) on

As observers noticed, the low-flying helicopter tracked the DB10 and its worthy adversary, the Jaguar C-X75, down the banks of the Tiber in Rome last night.

A photo posted by Fred North (@fred_north) on

At the end of the night the crew captured what appears to be the grand finale of this chase sequence leaving many speculating that this will be the last night in a long shoot for 007's tireless second unit.

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