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SPECTRE producers still 'figuring out' theme song

31-Mar-2015 • Spectre (2015)

The long-time producers, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, gave an interview to Collider whilst they were down in Mexico filming the 24th 007 adventure's pre-titles sequence.

One of the titbits that emerged as the producers chatted about the filming process was the unconfirmed nature of who will sing the title song. "[W]e’re still figuring that out," said Broccoli. "That’s one of the last things, one of the last pieces of the puzzle. But it’s one of the fun things that we look forward to, so, it’ll be a while."

Despite this ambiguity on the part of the producers, the film's director felt sure he had his title artist back in December 2014. One might only speculate what deals fell through between then and now.

On the recently-released teaser trailer, Wilson added: "We had to start [planning] six or seven weeks ago. But I think we wanted to create something that was a teaser that’s a bit of a puzzle and a mystery. From what I saw online, people are really putting in together in a clever way. It’s something that’s a little puzzle that people can enjoy."

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