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Bond villain Yaphet Kotto says 007 cannot be black

01-Apr-2015 • Bond News

"James Bond cannot be black," actor Yaphet Kotto told The Big Issue last week, whilst commenting on the perpetual rumour that Idris Elba could take over from Daniel Craig (even though he would be too old).

"Political correctness be damned, we have to stay with what is literally correct. James Bond was established by Ian Fleming as a white character and played by white actors. It’s silly. Play 003 or 006 but you cannot be 007."

He added: "A lot of people say black actors should be allowed to play everything. Don’t be ridiculous. If I say I want to play JFK I should be laughed out the room."

Kotto played Dr. Kananga in the 1973 film "Live And Let Die."

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