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British politicians weigh in on the future of Bond

25-Apr-2015 • Bond News

Ukip leader Nigel Farage was asked about the sensitive subject of a black 007 on Magic Radio, following on the wake of Idris Elba becoming a tabloid favourite to take the role from Craig.

Farage dodged the question and appealed to the roots of James Bond in the Fleming-penned novels.

"[Y]ou’ve got to be faithful to Ian Fleming and the original writer," the politician told Nick Snaith.

The British papers made much of the fact that Fleming is in fact the original writer.

He laughed off the comment and the question of race, to which a direct answer might have got him in more trouble, adding: "It has to be male, it has to be a rogue of some description. I'm not handsome enough but I'm certainly rogue. I'd give it a go. How about that?"

Earlier, Labour's Ed Miliband suggested Bond alumni Rosamund Pike should be the first female Bond.

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