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Tabloids claim Adele will be singing 'SPECTRE' title song

31-May-2015 • Spectre (2015)

It's coming up to that time in the production cycle of a new James Bond film that tabloid speculation turns to the title song artist.

In a long tradition for the British red tops, the Daily Star are the first to splash a (blindingly obvious) 'exclusive' that Adele is favourite to return from her Oscar winning turn on 'Skyfall' to sing again.

The Daily Star's made up quote said: "Sam Smith was the favourite to be picked among insiders but Adele has got the nod. It is huge pressure for her after the unbelievable success of Skyfall. To anyone else it would be a poisoned chalice but if anyone can pull it off it is Adele. It is a massive scoop for the film, too, as the world awaits her third hugely-delayed album."

The speculation is just that, however, as Sam Mendes let slip when 'SPECTRE' began filming that the title song artist had already been selected.

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