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Lea Seydoux reveals she signed for Bond Girl role without reading script

02-Jul-2015 • Spectre (2015)

James Bond's new leading lady, Lea Seydoux, has revealed in a new interview that she accepted 'SPECTRE' director Sam Mendes' offer of the Bond Girl role without having read the script.

"I said yes to Sam Mendes without even reading the script," she admitted. "I think all roles, whatever they are, are good to take. I never rewrite anything for me."

"In SPECTRE, I like Madeleine. This is not a cliché character. Sam Mendes actually created a complex woman, elusive. Sam is someone who works a lot with the actors. We will see if the film is successful, but today I feel something very special. I gave Madeleine a lot from me. The theme of the family is central in SPECTRE, and everyone will have to live with its past..."

Speaking about her nervous screentest, she said: "I was very intimidated beforehand. I took a beer to relax and obviously I forgot my lines! I came back and the next time it went better. I waited a few months and I finally got the part."

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