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If 007 taps Matthew Weiner to pen Bond 25, it will not be set in the 1960s

11-Oct-2015 • Bond News

Here's a lesson for all budding tabloid journalists - how to take a kernel of a rumour and turn it in to a completely different story.

The Express are reporting today that EON Productions have tapped 'Mad Men' series creator and writer Matthew Weiner to work on some story outlines for the series. Whilst there may be some truth to that (Bond films since 1995 have often had several writers attempt outlines in the early stages of production), the newspaper takes a wild leap in to the fantastic.

Reportedly, Weiner has been hired to head up a "new team to oversee Bond’s return to his heyday 1960s."

This is, of course, total hogwash. There are no plans for the series to be set in the past. This is merely the Express taking his 'Mad Men' credentials and assuming the writer can only work in one time period.

The paper uses a totally fabricated quote from an 'MGM executive' to back up their speculation: "This won’t be a retro one-off. We’re taking him right back to his roots. We’ll go forwards by taking 007 back to the era in which we believe he fits most comfortably."

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