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'SPECTRE' hauls £4.1m ($6.2m) in opening night across the UK

27-Oct-2015 • Spectre (2015)

15 minutes after the latest James Bond film 'SPECTRE' started at the world premiere, screenings at cinemas across the UK started. It was a double first for the 007 franchise, that not only opened the same night as the premiere, but in recent years, has opened the film on the more traditional slot of Thursday night (to maximise the opening 'weekend' box office).

According to initial box office reports, 'SPECTRE' hauled £4.1m ($6.2m) from 647 venues across the UK on Monday 26th October 2015.

At first glance, that might like a drop from 'Skyfall's first day totals of £6.2m ($9.5m), but due to the 'SPECTRE' screenings starting a 8:15pm (and not all day) and the film being two and a half hours long, most cinemas could only show the film once, or at most twice.

'Skyfall' broke UK all time box-office records for a total British take of £103m and enjoyed a boost from the franchise marking its 50th anniversary. Most analysts doubt 'SPECTRE' will reach that level despite receiving better press reviews.

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