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International box offices are still hot for 'SPECTRE'

16-Nov-2015 • Spectre (2015)

'SPECTRE' held its lead throughout its international territories in its third week of release and added another $152.6m to its haul - a 30% increase on its second week. It earned that sum over 33,565 in 91 countries.

That figure was boosted by a record Chinese opening along with 13 other new territories including Australia and Korea.

Sony is not reporting the box office from France due to the terrorist events on Friday, but local reports on Wednesday said it was set the break the all time opening weekend with 850,000 tickets sold.

Opening weekends from new territories included:
Australia - $8.7m from 610 screens
Korea - $8.2m from 1,100 screens
New Zealand - $1.3 from 136 screens

Back in Bond's homeland, 'SPECTRE' is already the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. It dropped just 36% and earned another $13.1m from 2,100 screens, bringing its running total for $121m.

Elsewhere in Europe, Germany fell 26% from opening week to earn $13.3m to a total of $38.7m. Italy's total stands at $10m, Russia at $10.7m (artificially low due to the strong US dollar exchange rate - audiences have been bigger than Skyfall), the Netherlands at $11.8m, Spain at $5.6m, Denmark at $10.5m (the highest grossing film of the year), Sweden at $9.5m, Norway at $7.4m, Finland at $6.3m, Poland at $6.5m (smashing 'Skyfall' in audience numbers), and Portugal at $1.7m.

In Latin America, 'SPECTRE' has earning $8.3m in Mexico (already beating the 'Skyfall' total), and $5.3m in Brazil.

'SPECTRE' has earned $413.1m from it's 'international' release in just three weeks. Almost 10% of the take, $40m, has been earned on IMAX, which added another $9m to the total this weekend.

Only three territories are left to debut 'SPECTRE': India, South Africa and Japan. Combined, they should have a $10m opening.

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