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'SPECTRE' holds strong around the world against 'Hunger Games'

23-Nov-2015 • Spectre (2015)

'SPECTRE' enjoyed three weeks of international release before facing any serious competition at the box-office, that changed this weekend (Friday 20th November 2015) with the global launch of the last part of the Hunger Games series: 'Mockingjay Part 2'.

The 24th James Bond film took an estimated $65.7m from 28,370 screens in 92 territories in its fourth weekend. 'Mockingjay' took $146m from 87 countries in its launch weekend.

007 only opened in one new territory this week. 'SPECTRE' launched in India at the #1 spot with $4.8m from 1,250 screens. This beats 'Skyfall's four day opening by 4% in just 3 days. This is the biggest opening for the 007 franchise ever in India.

China brought in $12.8m in its 2nd weekend for a running total of $77.8m. It has now raced past 'Skyfall's total of $59.2m.

The British end is firmly up with $130.5m to date and adding $5.9m this weekend from 1,600 screens. Germany fell 42% in its third weekend an added $8.1m from 1,389 screens for a $50.7m cume. Last week, Sony held the French box-office numbers due to the terrorist actions, but France added $5.9m in week two for a $22.6m total (France's opening weekend was $13.0m).

Other countries are as follows:
Australia - $14.8m cume
Netherlands - $14.2m cume (number one for four weeks)
German-speaking Switzerland - $9.1m cume (number one for three straight weeks)
Korea - $11.3m cume
Italy - $12.1, cume
Brazil - $6.8m cume
Finland - $7.1m (third highest grossing film of all time behind 'Titanic' and 'Skyfall')
Middle East- $9.7m (highest grossing Bond film of all time in the region)
Denmark - $11.8m (19% up on 'Skyfall' *)
Norway - $8.2m (15%)
Sweden - $10.7m (5%)
Poland $7.6m (28%)
UAE- $4.8m (20%)

* Due to the exhange rate fluctuation, local currency takes for 'SPECTRE' in Europe and Russia are well up on 'Skyfall', although the reported US dollar amounts make it appear to be closer.

'SPECTRE' is up to $524.1m internationally, to a total of $681.4m worldwide.

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