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Very limited signed issues by Sir Roger Moore

15-Mar-2016 • Bond News

MI6 Confidential has a very limited supply of issues signed by the double-oh seven time Bond star, Sir Roger Moore.

This is a very limited first-come, first-served release for these highly collectible autographs on original issues of the MI6 Confidential magazine.

In the last couple of years his movies featured on two MI6 Confidential covers, the first taking an in-depth look at the making of 'The Man With The Golden Gun', in which we chat to its principal cast and crew about the challenges in the ninth Bond films' production; the second opportunity to feature Sir Roger came when we nabbed an exclusive interview with director Lewis Gilbert. Gilbert was in charge of some of the series' most breathtaking films, and his work allowed designers like Ken Adam to delve 007 into an amazing, imaginary and luxurious world.

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"I’ve always been type cast as heroes, which is bizarre as I’m the biggest coward going. I’ve made a good living out of it so don’t grumble, and I did take on a few roles that were quite different along the way. James Bond was a wonderful part of my life."
‐ Sir Roger Moore

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