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Naomie Harris talks about spy thriller 'Our Kind Of Traitor'

08-May-2016 • Actor News

Naomie Harris is cavorting with another spy in the new adaptation of John Le Carré's "Our Kind Of Traitor". Harris plays Gale opposite Ewan McGregor's Perry Makepiece in the new thriller out next week in the UK.

Susanna White ("Teachers", "Jane Eyre") directs an ensemble cast that includes Stellan Skarsgård, Jeremy Northam, Mark Gatiss, and Damian Lewis.

The Standard spoke to Harris about her new role. Of her character's relationship with McGregor's character, Harris says: "I love the fact that the reason they go on this adventure together is to heal their relationship."

In the story, Gale is a successful lawyer and primary earner in the relationship. It's an arrangement that defies gender stereotypes and affects the dynamic of the relationship.

"I have never suffered this myself, but I have friends who this has happened to. What I have found is that it is more of an issue for men — women don’t seem to be bothered by it. It does highlight the inequalities we still face, but I’m optimistic that things will only get better for women."

The standard also got the chance to quiz the actress about her future with Bond, which as anyone can guess, is decidedly uncertain: "I hope Moneypenny gets to come back again. I don’t think anyone really knows what is happening with the next one.

"We would all like to see Daniel return as Bond, but the truth is no one knows. For me, playing Moneypenny has had nothing but a positive impact on my career. It’s raised my visibility and I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

"Our Kind Of Traitor" opens Friday 13th May; Americans will have to wait for a cinematic release in July.

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