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`GoldenEye 2` development team unmasked, top talent on board at EA LA

07-Apr-2004 • Gaming

If you`re one of those people who likes to keep tabs on each and every member on the development teams of upcoming Bond projects, now`s the time to sharpen those #2 pencils, according to GameSpot.

A source familiar with the multi-platform "GoldenEye 2" update currently in development at Electronic Arts` Los Angeles studio cleared up some rumours.

The source confirmed that Dan Orzulak, a former Bungie designer off the "Halo: Combat Evolved" team, is one of the designers now lending his talent to the development of GoldenEye 2.

The same source indicated that Takayoshi Sato (a CG/character artist for "Silent Hill") is indeed part of the design team - and has been since his hire at EA LA in February, 2003. "It shouldn’t be any surprise that GoldenEye 2 has been in development for some time, though not necessarily called GoldenEye," the source said.

More and more information about the "GoldenEye 2" project is coming to light since EA confirmed the title.

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