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`GoldenEye 2` suffers a major setback following a `disastrous focus test`, claim reports

08-Apr-2004 • Gaming

SPOnG, a gaming equivalent of movie database IMDB, have published a hard hitting report today on problems facing "GoldenEye 2"s devleopment.

The report claims that EA`s next Bond game, officially scheduled for early November 2004, "has suffered a major setback following a disastrous focus test that is believed to have caused a major delay in the emergence of the increasingly interesting update."

"Assets were scheduled to go out to certain print magazines across the world, followed by wider online distribution. However, EA has pulled all assets and cancelled all coverage of the game. The reason it gave was that following the results of a major focus test of early code, the game couldn’t be seen at this point in time."

The site`s source, speaking under conditions of anonymity said, "When [Electronic Arts] got the focus test results, one thing was apparent. The focus testers did not like the idea of a James Bond game in which you cannot take control of Bond himself. From what they said, almost all of the younger testers found the very concept totally confusing."

The official press release that announced "GoldenEye 2" shocked a lot of Bond gamers with news that you would take control of a villain - not 007.

Thanks to Robo_1 for the alert.

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