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NightFire gets new third person perspective

10-Sep-2002 • Gaming

The Official Playstation 2 Magazine features an interview with David Luoto from game developers Gearbox this month.

Shaken, not third

OPS2 mixed a vodka martini with David Luoto, and asked him about the decision to incorporate the new third-person perspective during key sections of the game.

"The rationale behind it was that in some situations you want to increase the drama by forcing the players view of certain things. For instance, Bond might be moving past a window and you want him to be able to see the position of the guards behind the window so that he can time his movement correctly. If you do that in first-person, you don`t know where the camera`s looking at any given moment."

So now you`ll have a better view to a kill.

Thanks to `Scaramanga` for the alert.

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