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`GoldenEye Rogue Agent` E3 trailer hits the internet, download the video at MI6

20-Jun-2004 • Gaming

MI6 can bring you an action packed look at the new EA Bond title "Goldeneye: Rogue Agent". This widescreen 55 second trailer gives you a brief look at what is to come this November.

Click here to download

The trailer shows clips of:

- A new 'golden' gunbarrel played to the `Agent Under Fire` Bond theme
- `M` with the voice of Judi Dench
- 'Rogue Agent' performing a melee attack on a goon in Fort Knox
- A flammable tank shot by a rocket launcher, causing it to explode
- 'Rogue Agent' pushing a goon off a high ledge to flames below
- A goon who is punched and falls into a shark tank
- The slogan "Why save the world. When you can rule it"
- Fades of the characters Dr No, Goldfinger, Oddjob and Xenia Onatopp
- Oakenfold style, techno music played in the background
- A line of fuel shot, creating a wall of flame causing a crashed helicopter to explode

Note: Sequences shown in this trailer do not represent real-time gameplay.

Thanks to `JL` for the alert.

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