Action Unit Director Vic Armstrong not too kind about `Die Another Day` stunts

14-Jul-2004 • Die Another Day

This month's edition of HotDog magazine has a special feature on the top stunts of all time. Stunt supremo Vic Armstrong gave a brief interview to the magazine discussing his work.

Armstrong, who has been a member of the Bond family since "You Only Live Twice", was not too kind on the latest James Bond film "Die Another Day".

The Action Unit Director said, "A lot of the time I'm trying to be the person trying to ground it out in reality so we don't get into a situation the audience knows isn't possible.

Unfortunately that's the area that people do get into in movies, and I'm embarassed to say they did it on the last Bond - I begged them not to do it..."

Thanks to `Liam` for the alert.

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