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Marketing campaign details for first Young James Bond book - SilverFin - by Charlie Higson

18-Jan-2005 • Young Bond

Details have emerged of the marketing campaigns that will be waged for SilverFin in the USA and UK. The first book of five in the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson, SilverFin goes on April 27th 2005 in the USA and March 3rd 2005 in the UK.

- $200,000 marketing campaign
- Author appearences by Charlie Higson
- TV & radio tour
- Advertising in leading newspapers
- First edition print run of 150,000 copies (hardback)

- £50,000 marketing campaign
- Extensive publicity campaign led by Charlie Higson
- Inescapable nationwide consumer advertising
- Exclusive POS - poster - 40 copy dumpbin - display kit
- Invincinble trade advertising
- Young Bond priveleged access microsite
- TV appearences on children's shows
- Interviews in national press
- Book launch party in London

Updated US Blurb
This thrilling prequel to the James Bond dynasty shows young James at boarding school at Eton in the 1930's, where he spent his formative years. Acclaimed British writer Charlie Higson, with the Ian Fleming Estate, writes an edge-of-your seat thriller that brilliantly plants the seeds to show how young James learns the skills that will eventually make him history's most formidable and suave super spy.

Updated UK Blurb
Before the name became a legend.
Before the boy became the man.
Meet James Bond.
SilverFin - the first Young Bond title by Charlie Higson. Get to know the teenager who became the world's most iconic spy. With an authentic '30s setting and meticulous research, Charlie Higson has created a teenage James Bond who is absolutely true to Ian Fleming's creation. There is action, adventure, a terrifying villain and, of course, a beautiful girl.

Click here to pre-order "Young Bond1: Silverfin - Book #1" by Charlie Higson (paperback edition) for £5.99.

Click here to pre-order "Young Bond1: Silverfin - Book #1" by Charlie Higson (hardback edition) for $16.95.

Thanks to `Peter` for the intel.

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