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Young Bond meets Red Grant`s father in SilverFin

08-May-2005 • Young Bond

Charlie Higson has been letting slip a few hints at references to Ian Fleming's James Bond novels buried within the new Young Bond series during his USA tour.

Higson told MI6 reader Hugh Tebay that the young James Bond meets the father of one of his later adversaries in the first adventure "SilverFin".

But who is this character?

During the book, James sees "The Mighty Donovan" at the circus with his Aunt. This is obviously a reference to the "Mighty O'Donovan" who is mentioned in "From Russia With Love" by Ian Fleming as the father of Red Donovan Grant!

Have you spotted any other subtle references to the Fleming series? If so, let us know by posting your ideas in the MI6 Discussion Forums.

Thanks to `Hugh Tebay` for the alert.

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