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Clive Owen - I have always wanted to be James Bond

20-May-2005 • Casino Royale

Clive Owen was interviewed for the June 2005 issue of Cosmopolitan (UK). As usual, the interviewer's questions eventually turned to the topic of James Bond:

You keep getting tipped as the new James Bond. How does that feel?
"I have no problems being associated with James Bond. All I have to do is wait for someone to bring it up and I say, `No, it`s all rumor,` because that's all it's ever been."

OK, so if you could be any action hero, which one would it be?
[Laughing] "James Bond 007. I have always wanted to be James Bond. I'll pour it all out right now. Why won't they offer it to me?"

Thanks to `Kyvan` for the alert.

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