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Halle Berry reveals her Jinx character started life as a villain

12-Nov-2002 • Die Another Day

When Halle Berry was first approached for the film, she thought she was going to play a villain. That changed, but she was just as game to be a heroine. "I was actually pleasantly surprised and happy that it took a change," Berry said. "I mean, I would have been happy to play the villain, but that was one of the early, early drafts. She was still as strong and she was still an assassin, she just wasn`t on the same side, so I was happy when they made the switch to make her on the same side as Bond."

Berry did not watch any Bond movies specifically as research for Die Another Day, but was well versed in the series on her own. "I had seen about 10 of them over the years. The only one I went back to look at was Ursula Andress for `Dr. No` just because they wanted me to totally do exactly what she did initially. So, I went back and I watched and then I saw and I looked and I said okay. But, the other ones, no."

Thanks to `Spanish Bond` for the alert.

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