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Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility leaves James Bond gamers cold

18-Nov-2005 • Gaming

Software giant Microsoft confirmed yesterday that their next-generation console Xbox 360 will play over 200 current-generation Xbox games. The console, which is due to be released in the US on November 22, is expected to sell 1.5 million units by the end of the year.

A total of 212 Xbox games will be playable on the 360 at launch; though Microsoft is confident the number will increase. As expected, the most popular titles are supported immediately including the Halo and Grand Theft Auto franchises.

However, only one of the five James Bond games available on the Xbox - James Bond 007: Nightfire appears on the list. While it is unconfirmed whether the other games will be supported at all – they are not expected to work immediately when the console launches.

"I can confidently say our goal remains to make as many games backward compatible as possible," said Corporate Vice President of the Xbox Product Group Todd Holmdahl. "We've been working hard to certify as many original Xbox games to work on Xbox 360 as possible. This process is a detailed procedure that we're committed to, but it means that not every game is going to be ready on day one."

To play the current-generation games, the 360 will require a connection to their online service Xbox Live and a hard drive, not included in the core console package.

"What I'm really proud to tell you and your readers is that it's easy to get the emulation software, and it's free. We'll give gamers a choice—you can get the latest software updates from Xbox Live, burn a CD from xbox.com or sign up on Xbox.com for a CD that can be delivered to your home at a nominal shipping and handling fee."

Microsoft rival, Sony also plans to offer backwards compatibility with their new console, Playstation 3 when it launches next year.

The full list of playable games is available to view on the Official Xbox Website.

Thanks to `AL` for the alert.

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