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Critics slam Madonna `s cameo - her lines are cheesier than her performance

17-Nov-2002 • Die Another Day

Madonna has been panned in every review mentioning her cameo role as Bond`s fencing instructor Verity in "Die Another Day".

Madonna, who also sings the film`s techno-tinged theme song, dons bondage-black fencing gear and troweled-on eye liner to make a brief appearance as a kinky fencing mistress.

Madge feints on the swordplay, but obviously relishes the chance to indulge in some of the franchise`s famous double-entendres.

After handing a fencing sword to 007 Pierce Brosnan, she smirks, "I see you handle your weapon well."

And when asked if she`d like to place a bet on the outcome of a duel between Bond and his male adversary, she quips, "No thanks. I don`t like cockfights."

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