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David Arnold pulls no punches about Madonna`s theme

26-Nov-2002 • Die Another Day

"Die Another Day" composer David Arnold has spoken out about Madonna`s theme to The Sunday Express:

The man who wrote the musical score for the latest James Bond flick blasted Madonna yesterday - saying the Material Mom`s theme song for the movie is a double-o dud.

Composer David Arnold went as far as to call the techno-laced ballad, "the worst Bond song ever."

"Ideally, I would have liked to have made some musical sense of her song, but I couldn`t," said Arnold, a Grammy Award winner.

"Die Another Day," which debuted last week, is Arnold`s third Bond score, and he assures people won`t hear another note from Madonna`s song, which shares the film`s title, anywhere else in the movie.

"Nobody has criticized me for not working her song into the film score," Arnold said. "She got three minutes, I got 92."

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