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Fox resort to email virus technology with Die Another Day promotion

13-Dec-2002 • Die Another Day

Revolution Magazine are claiming that Twentieth Century Fox is using the launch of "Die Another Day" to grow its email database with a viral email campaign.

The email, targeting its own subscriber base and that of Warner Village Cinemas, was developed by digital marketing agency Inbox Marketing and arrives in recipient`s inboxes as a standard text email. After a couple of seconds, the movie`s hero James Bond appears on the screen, walks across the text and shoots a hole in the screen.

The screen then shatters to reveal a personalised rich media movie inviting them to win a luxury Bond holiday for two by playing blackjack online.

The data capture element of the campaign works by asking players to forward the game on to friends. For every friend that enters the competition they will receive an additional entry.

All participants in the competition are invited to opt-in to receive future communications from Twentieth Century Fox when they enter the prize draw.

Kieran Breen, UK marketing director at Twentieth Century Fox, said: "With more and more cinema-goers researching and booking their tickets online, we increasingly need promotions that sustain interest from our existing subscribers and initiate dialogues with new ones. This campaign combines creative impact with advanced tracking to allow us to meet both these objectives."

Thanks to Umpire for the alert.

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