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DAD director Lee Tamahori blasts Koreans, anti-smokers and producers in outburst

13-Dec-2002 • Die Another Day

"Die Another Day" director Lee Tamahori has vented his anger against the various people who have troubled his work on the film.

Never one to worry about speaking his mind, Tamahori attacked Koreans, anti-smoking campaigners and even the film`s producers in his outburst given to News Interactive:

"All this political correctness from the anti-smoking lobby is just a nonsense. There are not going to be 100,000 teenage boys picking up cigars because Pierce smoked in this movie. It is a foolish, politically correct notion. Let Pierce set his feet on fire and see if the kids follow suit."

"And to hell with North Korea. It`s a basket-case country. The sooner its leaders all roll over and die, the better."

Before scripting a sex scene between Brosnan and co-star Halle Berry, Tamahori asked producer Barbara Broccoli if there was a "rule book . . . to not offend anybody".

When she said no, Tamahori replied: "Good. Let`s give James Bond the best lay of his life. Let`s go out there and try to offend everybody."

Later, Broccoli ordered cuts to the scene, which Tamahori described as "hot stuff".

"Pierce and Halle hammering away at it, basically . . . but in America, you`re not allowed to thrust, moan or see anything," he said.

"You can chop someone`s head off, though."

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