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New Young Bond games online based on `SilverFin` and `Blood Fever`

18-Jun-2006 • Young Bond

The bestselling Young Bond books written by Charlie Higson take the reader through James’s schooldays at Eton and chronicle the adventures he had before he gained his legendary licence to kill.

Now you can experience some of the dangerous situations Young Bond faces in the books by playing the SilverFin and Blood Fever online games on the Young Bond website: www.youngbond.com

To play the Young Bond games you must first enter James’s world through the website and begin in his room at Eton. Here you can find everything you need to embark on the adventures, gain a ‘Danger Rating’ and store the bonuses you pick up along the way in your own chest of drawers. In true Young Bond style however, nothing is straightforward and you must solve various problems in order to proceed with the game.

There are two games available to play. One that accompanies SilverFin and another that accompanies Blood Fever. The games follow Young Bond’s escapades in the books and transport you straight into the world of action so you can test your skills and see if you have what it takes to be an adventure hero!

Along the way you can collect exclusive wallpapers, behind-the-scenes pencil sketches and screensavers featuring iconic Young Bond artwork by Kev Walker, audio clips and buddy icons for use on MSN messenger which help to improve your overall danger rating and lead you closer to unlocking the bottom drawer of the chest in your room at Eton and discovering the secrets it contains.

The games are available to play on www.youngbond.com now. You can also discover everything else you need to know about the Young Bond books, read all the latest Young Bond news and join in the Young Bond forum to share your views with others, read reviews and get handy game tips.

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