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German edition of Young Bond 3 novel may be called `Goldenboy`

27-Sep-2006 • Young Bond

MI6 has learned that the German publisher for the Young Bond series by author Charlie Higson has decided on a localised title for the next book.

The third novel, due out in Jnauary 2007, is as yet untitled, but the German publisher has reportedly decided the translated edition for their local market will be called "Goldenboy".

Previous German versions of Young Bond novels have been titled "Stille Wasser sind tödlich" (still waters are deadly) for "SilverFin" and "Zurück kommt nur der Tod" (death only comes back) for "BloodFever".

Above: Young James Bond in Blood Fever

MI6 can reveal that important plans about the English title for the third Young Bond book will be announced imminently.

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