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Old friends back in action in Young Bond 3 novel

01-Oct-2006 • Young Bond

Back at the time of the release of the first Young Bond novel - SilverFin - author Charlie Higson gave an exclusive interview to MI6.

When quizzed about the possibility of characters returning in future novels as part of series continuity, Higson said:

"His school friends are a constant, but it's not quite like Harry Potter again. The books aren't all going to be with "Ron & Hermion"... They play a greater and lesser role in the books as they go on. But as with the adult books, each one is self-contained. "

So the occasional character will dip in and out?

"Yes. Mr Merriot, the tutor, is a constant figure. His best mates are through the books, but in the second novel a couple of his friends are in the beginning but they don't play a major part. In the third book one of them does though. Again, I didn't want it to be too formulaic. And the thing about James is, he does operate alone. So whilst in the book he may meet up with say Felix Leiter, he is very much his own man on the missions. I wanted that for these books, so it wasn't like "Famous Five" with him going off with his chums."

MI6 has learned that two of young James Bond's friends will return in the third novel: Pritpal and Perry.

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