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Moby admits he never wanted to remix the James Bond theme

22-Oct-2006 • Bond News

Moby gave an interview to ILikeMusic.com about his new "Best Of" album, which contains his remix version of the James Bond theme.

When asked how it came about that he remixed the famous theme in 1997, Moby said: "The truth is I didn't really want to record a James Bond theme."

"I got asked by the people at MGM/United Artists to record the James Bond theme for "Tomorrow Never Dies" and so I did and had I not been asked by the movie producers, I never would have recorded the James Bond Theme."

"Actually, in all honesty, I feel like the original is perfect, you know, the John Barry original and I think that my version of the James Bond Theme, it's OK, but it's certainly not any way nearly as good as the original recording by John Barry."

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