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Daniel Craig bleeds for James Bond, as do his stuntmen

03-Nov-2006 • Casino Royale

New James Bond actor Daniel Craig has admitted that filming ‘Casino Royale’ was tough work and took its toll on his body - reports EntertainmentWise.

Craig was forced to endure real pain when taking part in some stunts, he said of making the film: "You're not doing it right if you're not getting hurt.

"The stunt boys were going through pain levels that I couldn't even imagine and carrying on. Compressed spines, all sorts of things. I was in pain throughout the whole movie.

One scene shows Bond killing man in bathroom; but it was Craig who was left really hurt, he added: "I watch that sequence and I wince.

"All my knuckles split, my hands were in bandages after it. And I had a fight double - Ben. I did the bits that hurt. And he did the bits that really **** hurt.

"But that's the thing with this Bond. He bleeds. It's more about the fact that he bleeds, goes down and gets up again."

Thanks to `nnif` for the alert.

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