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Daniel Craig shaken by personal attacks

03-Nov-2006 • Casino Royale

Daniel Craig has admitted to having been shaken, if not outright stirred, by personal attacks on his credentials to play 007.

In the wake of the announcement that Craig was to star in Casino Royale, the British actor faced criticism from [nerds on the internet].

The comments mocked him for possessing large ears, for being blond, for having "a potato face" and for generally being spectacularly ill-equipped to fill the shoes of outgoing Bond Pierce Brosnan.

In the guise of his fictional alter ego, Craig looks set to face far more deadly attacks than the catcalls of a few diehard fans. But the actor confided to GQ magazine that the comments were wounding. "Some of the stuff that's been said is as close to a playground taunt as you are going to get," he said, "'You've got big ears!' Fucking hell!" He added: "But [if] you ask anyone who has been bullied, they know it hurts. It is not right. There is a part of me that would love to turn it around and shove it up their arse."

Instead, Craig said, he is taking a different tactic. "The only way I can do that is to get this right. Believe me, no one cares about this more than I do."

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