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Sir Richard Branson `bought` his cameo in Casino Royale

12-Nov-2006 • Casino Royale

Sir Richard Branson landed cameo roles for himself and his son in the new James Bond movie after he helped to save movie dollars by providing a plane at the last minute. A lifelong Bond fan, Branson asked director Martin Campbell if his generosity would warrant a part in Casino Royale - reports Cinemablend.

Producer Barbara Broccoli explains, "He was very supportive of us and he helped us out when we needed a plane in Prague. "He said, 'Can I just do a little cameo' and Martin said, 'Come to the airport and we'll stick you in the little security thing and you can set the bells off.' "He had a lot of fun and he was a trooper and it was a long night. He and his son were in the scene and they were great."

Branson can be seen playing a frenzied passenger going through airport security in the new Bond film.

Thanks to `Brokenclaw` for the alert.

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