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Eva Green reveals potential plot spoilers for Bond 22

19-Nov-2006 • Quantum Of Solace

In a recent interview about her work on Casino Royale, Eva Green (who plays Vesper Lynd in the film) gave away a few spoilers on the 22nd James Bond film, due out November 7th 2008:

How did you manage to keep straight in your own mind Vesper's shifting motivations and loyalties?

I think it's too confusing. But they're going to do a second [movie] where you'll understand what's going on in her mind. It was really hard, and Barbara Broccoli helped me understand. You would think, wait a minute, she had an Algerian boyfriend, and she's been sent on this mission, and then she begins to feel guilty. She's in love with Bond. It's a deep love. The Algerian boyfriend was something light, an affair. So there's an internal conflict. The plan is, the Algerian boyfriend is going to be the baddie in the second Bond, and we'll understand [better]. But you don't have to think about it too much.

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