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Some rare Bond gossip in the French press

23-Nov-2006 • Casino Royale

Bond is not as big news in France as it is most other European countries (with the UK taking the notable lead, having its own cottage industry pumping out the rumors), but some tidbits came to light today via Paris Link.

According to the news outlet, some 160,000 went to see Casino Royale in France yesterday - no doubt buoyed with the Francophone sounding film title and a French lead actress in the shape of Eva Green (who plays Vesper Lynd with an English accent of sorts).

Speaking of which, they also claim "Audrey Tautou was being considered for the role of Vesper Lynd but she ruined her chances by appearing in the appalling pile of rubbish that was the Da Vinci Code."

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Thanks to `PJ` for the alert.

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