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Caterina Murino explains her favourite experience on Casino Royale

09-Dec-2006 • Casino Royale

Caterina Murino spent a month in the Bahamas learning to ride. "It's very dangerous being a Bond girl," she confesses to the Sunday Mail.

Shooting one scene left her hands bloody and her body sore. A bikini, she complains, is not suitable riding attire.

She avoided falling from the horse, and also avoided embarrassing herself in the love scene with Daniel Craig in which she's wearing a remarkable dress that, somehow, stays on. "It's amazing, I don't know how," she says, gesturing to parts of her which seemed to want to escape.

But her greatest memory is the scene she played with Dame Judi Dench as M.

M, in the scene, is mad at Bond because Murino, in the scene, is dead, with her body twisted in a hammock.

"She's absolutely a great person. And I spent a lovely afternoon with her in front of my hammock," she grins.

Murino is only a recent Bond fan: "I wasn't a very huge fan of Bond because I always thought it was a little chauvinistic. It's a male movie."

She's happy that's changed. As a Bond girl in a movie where all the talk is about how sexy the bloke is, Murino is pleased the tables have turned.

"I think for the first time, women can also enjoy to watch a Bond movie," she says of the scene where a dripping-wet Craig walks on to the beach.

"Daniel is such a great actor but a beautiful man also. Oh, yeah," she says.

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