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James Bond bigger than Lara Croft in videogame franchise sales

11-Jan-2007 • Gaming

The James Bond franchise has been listed at #15 in the best selling videogames of all time - reports CVG.

A report on the 20 top-selling videogame franchises of all time has pinned Nintendo's Mario at the number one spot, with a total of 193 million sales worldwide.

Published by The Independent, the report has put Pokémon in second place with 155 million sales during its lifetime, Final Fantasy following with 68 million. Popular series like The Sims and Grand Theft Auto also appear in the top 10, the former with 54 million sales worldwide and the latter 50 million.

The full top 20 list, with sales figures, is as follows:

01 Mario, 193 million
02 Pokémon, 155 million
03 Final Fantasy, 68 million
04 Madden NFL, 56 million
05 The Sims, 54 million
06 Grand Theft Auto, 50 million
07 Donkey Kong, 48 million (centre)
08 The Legend of Zelda, 47 million
09 Sonic the Hedgehog, 44 million
10 Gran Turismo, 44 million
11 Lineage, 43 million
12 Dragon Quest, 41 million
13 Crash Bandicoot, 34 million
14 Resident Evil, 31 million
15 James Bond, 30 million
16 Tomb Raider, 30 million
17 Mega Man, 26 million
18 Command & Conquer, 25 million
19 Street Fighter, 25 million
20 Mortal Kombat, 20 million

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